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House of Worship - Klang Valley / Seremban / Kota Kinabalu

A Good Acoustic for house of worship is very important. It can provide improvement between Speech Intelligibility and Music Enhancement.

We provided full range acoustics that vary from it denomination, building size, specific preference. To improve the sound, and also ecstatic wise, we use our own house brand BAT Fiberboard to improve the hall sound, and to eliminate echos. 

BAT Fiberboard are specially designed for Mid and High Frequencies, whereby we also place bass traps for Low Frequencies coverage.

Karaoke and Home Theatre Setup 

It has been said that High-End Audio equipment is only as good as its weakest link. Have you thought that your room could be that weak link?

Below are two images showing in very simple form basic sound waves, the image on the left shows no acoustic treatment and lots of clutter from bouncing sound waves. The image on right shows the correct amount of acoustic treatment, with no clutter just the direct sound from the speakers with no detrimental room interference's.

Pictures shown Job done in

Puchong , Balakong , Sg Buloh , Kota Damansara and Kluang, Johor.

Studios / Home Studio

Residential studios have the same sound requirements as a commercial space, however they do not always have the budget. Whether you are recording as a hobby or as a secondary job, the need is the same. You want the input and the output to provide the same quality as commercial based studios. Additionally, you need to work in a space without bothering your those who live with you or your neighbors. Acoustical Solutions has a vast array of acoustical foams, fabric wrapped panels, and sound barriers to help you meet your needs. We also have materials that combine barriers with absorption to give you everything you need in one product. Some of these are portable allowing you to take them with you and use them wherever you need them.

Live Lounge & Live Cafe 

Acoustic treatment for a live entertainment / performance? YES! We provide solution for the sound to be more gathered, focused, and well treated. The performers even commented on the facebook : Live Performance has never sounded better!

The HI-FI Enthusiast - Audiophiles and 2-Channel Listening Room Acoustics


We treat all enviroment, we appreciate all sound. Unfriendly room acoustics can make even expensive hi-fi equipment sound average. But incorporating proper bass trapsacoustic panels and diffusion in your room can make indifferent gear sound like it costs far more than the price tags would indicate.

Jamming / Rehersal Room 

Room acoustics is important for jamming room as the echos and feedback of the room will disturb the instruments sound in the room.  Hear Yourself, Not the Reverberation! Secondly, Hear Your band, and Hear Your Instruments. And the most important part, Keep Outside sound out, and Leave Inside sound In! 

Pictures Shown Rehersal Room at :

Shah Alam, Melaka, Kuching, Kuantan, Klang Lama and etc.

Commercial Space / Meeting Room

Speech intelligibility is critical in conference rooms. To guarantee privacy, they have reduced noise from air conditioning, mechanical systems and outside noise sources. The room should have a reverberation time from .5 to .75 seconds. The lower the reverberation time in the room, the better the speech intelligibility.

It is usually the responsibility of the architect or design engineer to pre- design the mechanical systems using Noise Criteria Curves (ambient room noise level graphs) based on the intended room usage.

There are several methods that we typically employ to treat conference rooms:

- We use acoustical absorbing materials on the walls.

-We add treatment on the ceiling above the conference room table.


Acoustic treatment for restaurants is one of the most overlooked elements of the restaurant trade and yet so vitally important. We see it every day and it’s amazing to me that people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars on a restaurant, and they don’t consider the acoustics of the restaurant.

University / Educational

Good acoustics play an important role in the effectiveness of instructional spaces. Classrooms with excessive noise reverberation make it difficult for students to understand what is being taught. Children with learning disabilities have a far more difficult time paying attention to their teacher, which is neither good for the student or the rest of the class.

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