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What is Yukimu Super Audio Accessory?

 Yukimu Co., Ltd., an audio agency that has introduced excellent audio components from all over the world to Japan for many years. "YUKIMU SUPER AUDIO ACCESSORY" is a brand launched in 2018 as an accessory brand that makes use of that insight / knowledge.

A proven and theoretical plug noise absorber

PNA-RCA01 was designed by Mr. Masahiro Yamazaki, an engineer who has been involved in voice circuit design at a domestic manufacturer for many years. 

products designed and manufactured in Japan. 


Divini Audio 

DIVINI Audio is confident that they can bring you the whole brand really designed Speakers / Low-Resonance cabinet design / Treble adjustable suspension shock phase structure stability and a wide sound field, sound smooth and Natural.  Their mission is to provide the best, enjoyable sounds and happiness for music lovers at reasonable price with premium quality.

Power Conditionals , Digital Cables, Footers, Power Cables, Signal Cables, XLR / RCA, Speaker Cables.

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KOJO TECHNOLOGY, a power supply expert from Aomori, Japan, Has maintained a very high level from semiconductor production to medical grade power supply equipment, as well as home audio power supply accessories.