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2nd edition of the “effective” plug noise absorber that continues to spread worldwide

It's been a year and a half since its release. The long-awaited new item has arrived, following the PNA-RCA01, which has been gaining acclaim as an evidence-based plug noise absorber. PNA-USB01 is a USB type noise absorber that is effective in the latest AV systems. Just by plugging it into your PC, video equipment, digital audio equipment, etc., you can get close to the original sound and video quality. The PNA-USB01, a new addition to the YUKIMU SAA plug noise absorber lineup that is now extremely popular overseas, is a noteworthy work by Mr. Yamazaki that is effective in all environments.



About the function and basic concept of PNA-USB01

By inserting it into a USB terminal, it absorbs high-frequency noise (from digital circuits, microcomputers, switching power supplies, etc.) inside the device and the USB power supply, and functions as a conditioner to restore the original music and video signals.

□About the technical content of PNA-USB01

- Noise components present in the USB power supply are absorbed by a series circuit of resistors and capacitors.

- Pulshut (electromagnetic wave absorption sheet) absorbs conduction noise from internal circuits.

- Adopts a low impedance metal case. Absorbs high frequency noise and increases virtual GND effect.

□About the effects of PNA-USB01 *About sound quality

By reducing the high-frequency noise inside the device, the S/N ratio improves, the fine sounds buried in the noise come to the surface, the freshness and resolution are improved, and the sense of clarity in the high range and the extension of the low range are improved. You can expect the reproduction of a three-dimensional and wide sound field. *The degree of effectiveness varies depending on the environment.

Specific examples include improved S/N, increased power in the low range and clarity of vocals, richer three-dimensionality, and better separation of sound from the speakers.



The PNA series aims to bring out more of the ``dynamism of life'' inherent in your equipment and sound sources by reducing noise.

There are a variety of noise reduction accessories on the market, but in my experience, while they are effective at reducing noise, they tend to have side effects, so we have designed the PNA series with great care.

The most common side effect is the phenomenon that the sound becomes dead. We aim to reduce noise without sacrificing the power, freedom, vigor, and soul of the sound.

A common side effect is that as a result of noise reduction, the surface of the detailed audio signal is polished, and while the dirty sound is gone, the music becomes neat and organized, and the emotion is diminished. In consideration of this side effect, he takes noise countermeasures that focus on high-frequency noise that negatively affects sound quality. All design elements were determined through auditions.

Yukimu Super Audio Accessory PNA-USB01 Noise Absorber

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