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[HiVi Summer Best Buy 2021 Special Site] No. 1 in the Accessories category Yukimu Super Audio Accessories PNA-RCA01 --Stereo Sound ONLINE


A proven and theoretical plug noise absorber

PNA-RCA01 was designed by Mr. Masahiro Yamazaki, an engineer who has been involved in voice circuit design at a domestic manufacturer for many years.

It is a noise suction attachment. By connecting to the RCA terminal of audio equipment, digital circuits, microcomputers,

The high frequency noise inside the equipment generated by the switching power supply is reduced. The effect is mainly due to the improvement of S / N.

The fine sound that was buried in the noise emerges, improving the freshness and resolution, improving the feeling of omission in the high range,

Furthermore, we can expect the expansion of low frequencies, aiming to reproduce a three-dimensional and wide sound field.


Yukimu Super Audio Accessory - PNA RCA01 Noise Absorber

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    □ Features of PNA-RCA01

    ● Pure audio design consisting of only non-magnetic parts.

    ● Selection of capacitors and resistance brands and determination of values

     In addition to many years of experience, we repeatedly conducted in-depth trial listening tests.

     After careful consideration of the best capacitor / resistance brand and value,

     Styrol condenser for audio made by British LCR (sorted product),

     Uses Amtrans's non-magnetic carbon film resistor (AMRG 2W).

    ● Handmade aerial wiring

     Manufactured by aerial wiring without using a printed circuit board that affects sound quality.

    ● Adoption of brass case (cut out)

     A metal case with low impedance that quickly absorbs the inflowing high-frequency current.

    ● Others

     Adopting silver-containing lead-free solder and electromagnetic noise absorber in consideration of sound quality.

    ● Size: Overall length 52mm Diameter 16.5mm (grip part)

  • □ Technical specifications of PNA-RCA01

    Absorbs high frequency noise of about 3MHz or higher. (Refer to the attenuation characteristics when the output resistance is 220Ω).

    The noise component of about 3MHz or more superimposed on the audio signal flows into the case part via the series circuit of the resistor and the capacitor.

    It is stabilized by absorbing the high frequency current in the metal (case).

    • Does not affect the audio signal band (can be used regardless of L / R)

    • Unlike the short pin, it can be attached not only to the input but also to the output terminal.

    • It can be attached not only to analog terminals but also to digital input / output terminals.

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