Diamond 220

Quite simply put, the Wharfedale Diamond is one of our most successful speaker series, if not one of the most successful hi-fi speaker series ever. We can justify this as year on year, the Diamond Series has broke the mould for combining award winning sound quality unforeseen at this price.


简而言之,Wharfedale Diamond是我们最成功的扬声器系列之一,即使不是最成功的高保真扬声器系列之一。我们可以证明这一点,因为逐年,钻石系列打破了以这个价格结合无法预料的屡获殊荣的音质的模式。


From 1982 Wharfedale Diamond has meant one thing – impeccable performance at an affordable price. Today we are pleased to bring you the latest series of loudspeakers from Wharfedale that aspires to this tradition – Diamond 200 Series.


从1982年开始,Wharfedale Diamond就意味着一件事-以可承受的价格获得无可挑剔的性能。今天,我们很高兴为您带来Wharfedale渴望发扬这一传统的最新扬声器系列-Diamond 200系列。


Foremost in the design criteria for Diamond 200 is the ongoing research into loudspeaker driver sound quality. The speaker series uses our famous woven Kevlar cone form, drawing influence from the flagship Jade Series.


Diamond 200的设计标准中最重要的是对扬声器驱动器声音质量的持续研究。扬声器系列采用了我们著名的编织凯夫拉尔纤维锥形式,并受到了旗舰翡翠系列的影响。

Wharfedale Diamond 220 Bookshelf Speaker

  • General description    2-way bookshelf speaker
    Enclosure type    bass reflex
    Transducer complement    2-way
    Bass driver    130mm Woven Kevlar Cone
    Treble driver    25mm Soft Dome
    AV shield    No
    Sensitivity(2.83V @ 1m)    86dB
    Recommended amplifier    25-100W
    Peak SPL    95dB
    Nominal impedance    8Ω Compatible
    Minimum impedance    4.1Ω
    Frequency response (+/-3dB)    56Hz - 20kHz
    Bass extension (-6dB    45Hz
    Crossover frequency    2.2kHz
    Cabinet Volume (in litres)    7L
    Height (on plinth &    315mm
    Width    174mm
    Depth (with terminals)    (227+28)mm

    Net weight 5.3kg/pcs

    Carton size    495x320x410mm