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Reflector is the Danish act Vestbo Trio's 6th album and differs significantly from their previous (all instrumental) releases as they for the first time ever, invited a vocalist into the studio. 


Coupling Vestbo Trio's equilibristic instrumental performance with Bjørn Fjæstad's powerful vocal, is a match made in heaven. The outcome is an album with 7 all new Vestbo Trio instrumental “songs”  + 4 tracks where the trio melt with Bjørn's incredible vocal to perform some intense cover versions.

Vestbo Trio is quite difficult to label but a great source of inspiration is the sound and timbre of jazz music with a knack for melody and groove - steeped in the Blues, adding twang and noir. Vestbo Trio captures the subtlety and beauty of instrumental music while telling a story, much in the same way as a singer/songwriter would.

Vestbo Trio feat. Bjørn Fjæstad

Michael Vestbo: Guitar
Eddi Jarl: Drums
Jesper Smalbro: Bass
Bjørn Fjæstad: Vocal

Available on CD and Vinyl.


Vestbo Trio ft. Bjørn Fjæstad - Reflector - CD/LP

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