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The Tiglon TPL-2000A reduces the entry and emission of electromagnetic fields by using a patented magnesium-containing tape. Because power cables are close to audio components and other cables, EMI is often a serious source of interference. The use of magnesium in a cable can be called innovative. This cable does not change the sound. Because apparently fewer interference signals mix with the audio signal, the noise floor becomes lower and there is an experience of more detail, silence, space and depth. These changes are subtle and just noticeable. They contribute to an even more natural sound experience.


  • Actually built in accordance with EMC
  • Delivers audible results
  • Very beautifully built
  • Superior Furutech shielded connectors



TiGLON線材向來以自然,寧靜及極高還原度的特色而聞名。這些特性有賴於TiGLON廠一直引以自豪的『鎂合金』屏蔽的專利技術 [保有特許技術: 第4282759號]。記得上次我在台灣協助TiGLON社長沖野先生為台灣當地雜誌做翻譯時(可以參考以下台灣音響共和國連結… ),才得知鎂合金金屬不論在抑制諧震方面有著驚人的效果,而且在阻隔電磁波方面更遠勝一般的金屬,因此被廣泛應用在興建核電廠的防漏層上。而日本TiGLON廠更是首間運用了鎂合金在發燒音響線材及配件上。TPL-2000A電源線採用了TiGLON第4代的鎂合金屏蔽層,導體使用由美國通用電器廠開發軍用經真空處理的DF OFC純銅,稱得上旗艦級數,插頭上更使用上業界知名的Furutech FI-50 NCF,在電線頭尾兩端加上了經廠方改良自DFA10的頂級DMF-MK II鎂合金扣環,對抑制諧震有明顯作用



Tiglon TPL-2000A Premium Power Cord 1.8m - Furutech NCF Rhodium Connectors

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