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  • he popular Tuning Spacer D-REN, which suppresses complex resonance caused by installation environments such as acoustic equipment and instrument amplifiers, and brings out the original performance of the device
  • In order to improve sound quality and durability from the previous model (D-REN Black), we have produced repeated tests under the supervision of professional musicians and recording engineers in the recording studio
  • The magnesium foil sealed inside is 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm thicker, and it has improved electromagnetic wave shielding and vibration absorption performance than previous models
  • Heat resistant special synthetic rubber has also been slightly hardened pigments and components, making it suitable for use even in harder environments
  • STEREO Magazine October 2016 Issue, "Science Around Audio Cable" has been rated at the corner of "Realize Crisp, Energetic Sound for Musicists"
  • Material: Pure magnesium shield, special synthetic rubber hybrid construction
  • Size: Diameter 2.8 inches (70 mm), Thickness 0.1 inches


一般墊材主要靠不同密度多層數的物料組合而成, 以達致吸震/化震效果。 日本TIGLON 經多年研究發現鎂合金無論在吸震能力, 對干擾的屏蔽能力均是金屬導體中最優秀。 全新D-REN PRO薄塾、使用三層設計,中層放置了一片2 mm高純度鎂合金, 廠方建議墊在傳統釘墊之下, 或原裝機腳之下, 或直接墊在書架喇叭和喇叭架中間, 均可大大提高原有的釘墊威力, 令你本來的釘墊表現更上一層樓。 

當器材墊了D-REN PRO後, 不但可以提高中頻的濕潤度和音樂感,更可抑制高頻的毛躁感,令高頻的線條感更優秀。


包裝 ( 一盒四片)
尺寸: 直徑70mm X 厚度3mm

TIGLON D-REN PRO Composite Resonance Stop Insulator 4 Pack

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