With the unmistakable elegance of the column, our Stella follows the Ambra concept, on a larger and even bolder scale. It retains its great and full sound, but it is even more authoritative and deeper. The nature-inspired shapes of the Natura series have already reached very mature proportions and under the skin of luxurious solid wood there are technologies that we have learned over nearly a quarter of a century of loudspeaker development and production.

Custom-designed and Italian-built AudioBarletta drivers are complemented by a front passive bass-reflex membrane, allowing you to place a relatively large column easily in any space. An exceptional solution is the crossover, which connects the drivers in series using the Fase Zero topology and is equipped with Mundorf and Jantzen components of the highest quality.


  • custom-made AudioBarletta drivers made in Italy
  • handmade extremely rigid enclosure made of solid oak wood
  • extraordinary wide frequency response and musical fullness
  • sand-filled bottom of the enclosure for better stability and resonance resistance
  • organic shapes that blend easily into any interior
  • five finishes to choose from
  • front passive membrane (bassreflex) for easy placement
  • drivers connected in series with Fase Zero technology
  • precise internal damping using several layers of complementary materials

Stella - Xavian Floor Standing Speaker Solid Wood

RM19,999.00 Regular Price
RM18,999.05Sale Price