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RF Noise

RF ‘noise’ (WiFi and all other radio signals) is picked up by all cables, electronics and loudspeaker coils unless perfectly screened against RF. RF does ‘interfere’ with the audio signal so filtering out RF noise is an effective way of improving audio fidelity.

The RF Blocker is entirely passive, has no effect on impedance or any other amplifier/speaker characteristics other than eliminating a broad spectrum of radio frequencies, both going into the loudspeaker from the amplifier and RF re-entering the amplifier's circuit via the loudspeaker cable.

Fitting instructions

Fit and forget – then enjoy the music.

RF Blocker Specifications

Wide band radio interference filtering for clearer audio

Designed and made to audiophile standards

Die-cast metal body

Choice of three connection options


This is not a mains or electrical power product. DO NOT CONNECT TO MAINS POWER.


Better resolved micro-details

Clearer musical sound staging

Deeper darker silence

The resulting increase in audible fidelity is usually clear to hear as an increase in musical coherence, the high frequencies are clearer, mids cleaner, the bass tighter and less ‘boxy’, the sound stage improved. The overall effect is of less 'confused' musical details, getting you closer to the musical event.

As amplifiers and speakers are designed and built differently, the effect is slightly different in each amplifier / loudspeaker / loudspeaker cable combination, but there is almost always an audible improvement.

Suitable for use with all types of amplifiers (Class A, A/B, and D) and all types of loudspeakers and cables. They are not compatible with active loudspeakers.

The connected-fidelity™ RF Blocker is based on sound electronics principles. There is no 'Angel Dust' used in this product!

RF Blocker Made in UK “ No Snake Oil ” Major improvement to system

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