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HT-Air MKII continues REL’s relentless drive to deliver the highest performance, the finest craftsmanship, and the easiest to use subwoofers available. With HT-Air MKII, we’ve outdone ourselves. Within seconds of plugging in the transmitter and receiver, you’ll be ready to start transmitting music or film audio at 5.8 gigs, completely free of digital compression, for the widest dynamics and best sound. HT-Air MKII delivers the highest performance for Low Level (RCA-RCA) or LFE/.1 (single RCA) transmissions.

Design takes on new significance when it elevates commonplace items to a higher level. So it is with HT-Air MKII’s weighty, cubic wireless design that reinterprets the world-class form vocabulary of REL subwoofers and brings it home to everyday users. HT-Air MKII is built into a cast acrylic case that announces its quality at first heft. It’s not heavy for effect, we know that many owners will want to combine it with quality interconnects to obtain the best possible sound, and those cables can, themselves, be weighty. We‘re enthusiasts ourselves, so we designed the extra mass to ensure that choosing the wireless route wouldn’t lead to annoyance. Just one more way we let you know that we “get it”. Finally, we finished it off with 5 coats of hand-applied acrylic lacquer. What, you thought that deep glossy black came about by accident? Quality is in our DNA.


BrandREL Acoustics
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Compatible DevicesSpeaker
Connector TypeRCA
Item Weight1 Pounds
Number of Channels2
Audio Output TypeSpeakers
Wireless Communication TechnologyBluetooth

REL Acoustics HT-Air mkII Wireless Transmitter and Receiver For HT Series

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