ORISUN audio was founded in 1988, Ohio, USA.More that 30 years experience in audiophile Perfect sound is not something that can be taken for granted but is, rather, a scientific process in which you get closer and closer to the final goal a step at a time until it is eventually reached. This is precisely our mission. We develop first-class products with a lot of passion and even more scientific expertise. We see the result in the constantly accurate measurement curves produced in the test laboratory and the outstanding appraisals given by the specialist press. Above all, though, we hear this every time one of our favourite songs emerges from a Magnat loudspeaker. That´s why we take our work very seriously at ORISUN and also really enjoy doing it We want your favourite music to sound just as it did when it was recorded. To this end, all of our products are state-of-the-art - without exception. And we don´t rest on our laurels: At ORISUN, every loudspeaker and electronic product is tested, improved, optimised and adapted as needed. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive perfection when they decide to buy a ORISUN product. Music as it really sounds, action films as you experience them at the cinema, passion for the perfect sound - that´s what we incorporate into every one of our products. With scientific knowledge and unique expertise, we guarantee that each of our products is designed, from the initial concept to the production process, to produce the perfect sound. You can see, hear and feel the result in every speaker and electronic product bearing the ORISUN seal of approval. Sound is our passion - and we´re only satisfied when you are!


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USB & CD Player

Designed & Engineered in USA




- CD player with front loading slot in system

- Plays CD audio and MP3, CD-R and CD-RW

- 10-second anti-vibration memory

-USB port to connect flash drives and hard disks with FAT32 format

- Blue VFD screen

- ID3 tag information in MP3 files

- Displays various modes of time playback on CD

- Remote Control

- Random and Repeat Playback Function

- 2 Digital Audio Outputs (Optical and Coaxial)

- Analog Audio Output

- Solid Aluminum Front Panel

- Auto Standby Function

- IR (Remote Interactive) Remote Control

Orisun CD-1000 - USB & CD Player