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The Mu-so 2nd Generation is a world away from the specialist components that Naim is known for in hi-fi circles, but there’s plenty of the company’s original philosophy on display here. It’s unfailingly entertaining and delivers sonics with hi-fi values and a exceptional musicality that allows you to simply enjoy the performance. This is the best one-box speaker system right now, making it a must listen.


What it’s like to use the Mu-so 2nd Generation

Naim’s app, available for Android and iOS, is a relatively Spartan affair, at least until you choose a source and music to play. Icons across the top represent your sources (servers, USB, internet radio) and services (Tidal, Spotify, etc.). Touch one of these and the relevant submenu will appear. The home screen also displays a row of headings for the artists, tracks, radio stations, playlists, and presets you’ve designated as favorites. Touch one of those, and a list of items from that category will appear.


Is the Mu-So 2nd Generation a good value?

The Naim Audio Mu-so 2nd Generation is not an inexpensive bit of kit at RM8500.00. But its build quality, feature set, and performance are all top notch. If you were to buy separate components—loudspeakers, amplifier, streaming device, server client, and so on—you would surely pay considerably more. You’d also need to deal with a whole lot more wires. The Mu-so can operate with nothing but a power cord, if you choose.

Naim pitches this product as a do-everything audio system, but I would hesitate to recommend it as a soundbar. Yes, the presence of HDMI with ARC certainly renders it capable of being paired with your TV, but you’ll only get stereo and you’ll never be able to add surround speakers.

Playing music on the Mu-so is a whole other matter. This speaker sounds exquisite, and it can handle any nearly any format you can think of from just about any source you can imagine: online, offline, digital, or analog. This is a great music system whether you operate it solo or as part of a multi-room audio system. I recommend it wholeheartedly.


Mu-so 2nd Generation is the successor to the multiple award-winning Mu-so wireless music system, re-engineered for class-leading performance, functionality and usability. Combining 45 years of hi-fi mastery with the very latest music-streaming technology and premium design quality, this is the ultimate single-box system you and your music deserve. 


Enhanced Feature Set

Mu-so 2nd Generation is packed full of game-changing performance, feature and functionality upgrades. Enjoy your music, any way you want.

Optimised Speaker Drivers

Mu-so 2nd Generation’s 450 Watts of music power are joined by improved and highly optimised speaker drivers – a joint development project between Naim and Focal R&D departments.

Focal has been creating benchmark acoustic equipment since 1979, and its expertise has taken speaker-driver precision and performance to new levels.

Discover The New Intuitive Dial

Naim’s new intuitive interface has 15 touch sensitive buttons and a bold, illuminated volume dial with a proximity sensor that wakes the display.

  • Create a multiroom group with other Naim product
  • Tap to pair Bluetooth device
  • Cycle through external Inputs (HDMI, Digital, Analogue)
  • Tap to play from USB device
  • Tap to resume play queue (Spotify Resume if user is logged in)
  • Directly access favourites
  • Chromecast Indicator
  • AirPlay Indicator
  • Spotify Indicator
  • Alarm clock Indicator

95% Re-engineered

Premium aluminium casing, in a new burnished grey finish.

It may look similar outside, but inside Mu-so 2nd Generation, the majority of components have been upgraded to improve performance.

The cabinet design has been re-engineered to create 13% more internal volume, enabling bigger, better bass. Both the cabinet bracing and baffle moulding have been redesigned for improved rigidity, which suppresses and controls vibrations.

The distinctive heat-sink fins are now more compact, while still being ultra-effective, and continuing to feature Naim patented technology that discreetly incorporates the wi-fi antenna.

Upgraded App Control

The updated Naim app allows you to browse by artist, genre, album and more, complete with artwork and extended music information. Control volume, light settings, room modes and create playlists.


For Demo, Welcome to Begins Acoustic

Kenix 012 - 6500610 

Naim Audio Mu-So 2nd Generation Wireless Speaker + Free Gifts

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