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Leak UK Stereo 130 Integrated Amp with DAC

🇬🇧Please welcome the Stereo 130 to the integrated amplifier market🇬🇧


🎖The Leak Stereo 130 is a retro-style, classically engineered, mid-to-budget amp fused with all the mod-cons of contemporary hi-fi.


🎖 The Stereo 130's Class AB power amp has a 200VA toroidal transformer. The preamp section is protected by the use of low-noise power supplies. There are bass and treble tone controls, which can be bypassed if desired.


🎖It supports files of up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256 through its USB input, with the digital circuitry designed to maximise detail and expression no matter the format. There are also three S/PDIF inputs (one coaxial and two optical), plus Bluetooth aptX support.


🎖Feeding the digital inputs is a ES9018K2M DAC from the Sabre32 Reference family, which aims to reduce noise and deliver a high dynamic range through the chip's 32-bit HyperStream architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator feature.


🎖 LEAK STEREO 130是面向現代音頻發燒友的高性能,高保真集成放大器。由於其輸入的多樣性,它被設計為與各種模擬和數字信號源的完美匹配。它具有一個內置的動磁(MM)唱機前置放大器,可以直接連接到唱機唱機。您還可以通過創新的內置aptX和AAC編解碼器將音樂從任何藍牙設備(例如便攜式音樂播放器和智能手機)流式傳輸到LEAK STEREO 130。可以通過藍牙無線連接欣賞CD品質的音頻。


Product Description

Mission QX-1 MKII two-way stand-mount loudspeaker that implements a ring dome treble unit and 5” bass driver. This loudspeaker has been expertly constructed with high-quality materials, fine-tuned crossovers and elements to ensure that the QX-1 MKII standpoint loudspeaker can deliver the best possible performance. The QX-MKII utilises computer-aided technology for optimisation, crossover modelling and laser interferometry.

QX MKII’s Incredible Drivers

The drivers have been updated and are now made of acrylic fibre cone material specifically chosen to optimise this models performance. It’s sturdy while offering an elegant appearance, setting the aesthetic apart from most speakers in this price range. Paired with the Mission DiaDrive System, the material enhances the mids, resulting in excellent, natural audio.

Aluminium Top Plate and Updated Aesthetic

The updated top plate for the QX-MKII is sleek and stylish while providing a sturdy construction with the use of aluminium material.

Ring Dome for Enhanced HF

The QX-MKII has been designed to overcome common physics issues present in most conventional domes. With the use of a phase plug, high-frequency reproduction from 10kHz to 20kHz is improved upon by deterring any noise cancellation across the high-frequency waves that are produced close to the centre of the diaphragm. The end result is a beautiful recreation of high-frequency detail.

Superb Design and Construction

The design and construction of the QX-1 MKII is inspired by the high standard Mission LX MK II series, improved upon by refining and evolving the construction with state of the art technology to deliver an even more superior performance.

Inverted Drive Geometry

As with other QX models, the QX-1 MKII uses the Mission IDG format. The treble unit sits below the bass-midrange driver allowing the length of path to be equalised in order for the sound waves to merge at the height of the listeners head. The surrounds have been enhanced with detailed airflow analysis and accurate measurement. Airflow interference is significantly reduced with this new design lending to a smooth, seamless performance from the drivers and ports.



Free Gotham Speaker Cable 50025 Series.

50watts power for Mission QX 1 MK II Speaker



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📣 System Integration with Acoustic Treatment Solution

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📣Maybank, Citibank, HSBC, AFFIN, AMBANK, AEON 6-24 Months EPP Installment Plan available.

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Mission QX1 MKII + Leak Stereo 130 HiFi Bundle

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