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Mission Resurrects Its Classic 770 Speakers From The Golden Days Of British Audio


Introduction - What Is the Mission 770?

The Mission 770 is a two way standmount speaker that contests the keenly fought £3,500 segment which has seen a number of excellent competitors pass through in recent years. Even a cursory glance at the 770 should be enough to suggest that the manner in which Mission has elected to compete in this space is somewhat different to most notional rivals. The 770 is not a clean sheet design. It is instead a carefully upgraded recreation of the original Mission 770; the speaker that kicked everything off for the company back in 1978.


Tech Specs:


  • Speaker type: Two-way standmount.
  • Enclosure type: Bass reflex.
  • Tweeter: 28mm microfibre dome.
  • Mid/bass driver: 200mm mineral-loaded polypropylene cone.
  • Sensitivity (2.8V @ 1m): 88dB.
  • Nominal impedance: 8Ω.
  • Recommended amp power: 25-200W.
  • Frequency response (+/-3dB): 42Hz-20kHz.
  • Bass extension (-6dB): 30Hz.
  • Crossover frequency: 2.9kHz.
  • Cabinet volume: 38.5 liters.
  • Dimensions: 590 x 300 x 322mm (HxWxD).
  • Weight (per speaker): 19.2kg.



Mission 770 Standmount Loudspeaker Review

This is a summary in two parts - a luxury of web copy that I will make full use of in this instance. First comes a sober appraisal of the 770; and to be clear, sober or not, it’s a very positive one. Mission has built an intriguingly different take on the £3,500 standmount but one that gets an awful lot right. This is a beautifully made and finished speaker that feels entirely comparable to other European produced speakers in the price range (and comes with stands to boot). It offers a performance that is utterly unflappable and that combines a spacious, refined and tonally realistic presentation with enough punch, drive and timing to cover off a huge spread of genres without putting a foot wrong. Some other speakers can be more superficially exciting but they can’t generally match the even handedness of the 770. The looks won’t be to everyone’s taste (although equally, some people will love them) and they need a bit of power to strut their stuff but the result is beautifully judged.



Mission 為重新設計的 770,開發了一個新的 20cm 聚丙烯中/低音單元,以模仿初代單元的擴展響應和低頻特色,同時升級磁路系統,以考慮現代功率處理和動態要求。與原版一樣,驅動單元安裝在帶有大型後「窗」的壓鑄底盤上,以減少振膜從音盆回落的早期反射。特別小心的將低密度橡膠邊與音盆連接起來,以匹配其阻抗並減少來自音盆邊緣的反射。

全新的聚丙烯音盆含有礦物作加硬處理,產生快速又結實的低頻,讓聽眾能夠準確地聽到低音樂器的演奏方式。通過將箱體和反射氣孔​​調整至非常低的頻率來作平衡,避免了許多低音反射系統典型的「單音低頻」。此外,氣孔在入口和出口都採用擴展設計,以使氣流順暢並消除變形。低頻強勁而乾淨地在房間中延伸至 30Hz 以下,對於這種尺寸的喇叭來說是非常難得的。

在原始的 770 設計中,Farad Azima 專注於中頻表現,這始終是黑膠唱片重播的優勢。對於現今的數碼訊源和高級唱盤,喇叭在高低極端頻率下的表現,被認為與中頻同等重要。全新 770 的高音單元採用輕型減震超細纖維球型圓頂,具有超平滑的響應,由減震後腔支撐,將基本共振推至分頻區以下。這個 28 mm 球頂高音單元與中/低音單元完美結合,以確保整個喇叭的輸出範圍內音質均勻。


• 英國製造
• 復刻經典喇叭 Mission 770
• 全新開發 聚丙烯中/低音單元
• 先進的分頻器設計軟件映射和測量技術
• 全新技術配搭經典音箱外觀



全新 Mission 770 專屬腳架,是與 Mission 的聲學設計總監 Peter Comeau 共同定製設計的。各方面都被認為是創造 770 喇叭的完美呈現。770 專屬腳架在英國以人手製造,採用堅固的英國鋼材,貫徹 Mission 770 的「Made in UK」英國製造方針。


英國 Hi-Fi 經典的重生

Peter Comeau 為他和 Mission 的聲學工程團隊所取得的成就感到自豪。談到此次發布,Peter 表示:「重複當年的 770 宣傳小冊子關於『驚人的低音定義和頻率響應、毫無音染、不可思議的立體結像、極佳分析力、靈敏瞬態反應、良好的深度和擴散角度、聲音準確度和平坦的頻響曲線、良好速度和動態範圍』只是暗示了全新 770 的真正實力。相反,我們更願意專注於它的不可思議的能力,可以揭示你想要饋送給它的任何音樂的真實深度、情感和戲劇性。


「一項備受喜愛的英國 Hi-Fi classic 已經全面重生。」

Mission 770 Standmount Loudspeaker | Mission 770 復刻書架喇叭(原廠腳架)

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