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When LEAK launched the iconic STEREO 30 in 1963, it swiftly became Britain’s favourite ‘step-up’ from the standard budget amplifiers of the time.

Now, in the year 2020, LEAK harnesses the latest technology to deliver an affordable integrated amplifier of the same philosophy, the STEREO 130 – fully equipped to meet the demands of modern music lovers, from vinyl records to digital streaming.

The LEAK STEREO 130 is high performance, high-fidelity integrated amplifier for the modern-day audio enthusiast. It is designed to be the perfect match to a wide variety of both analogue and digital sources, thanks to its diversity of inputs. It has a built-in Moving Magnet (MM) phono pre-amplifier which allows for direct connection to turntable record players. You can also stream music to the LEAK STEREO 130 from any Bluetooth device such as portable music players and smartphones via innovative built-in aptX and AAC codec. One can enjoy CD quality audio over the Bluetooth wireless connection.

To accommodate the modern-day music enthusiast fully, much effort has been made to ensure the LEAK STEREO 130 ’s digital circuitry delivers the level of quality one might expect of a high-performance standalone D/A converter, let alone an integrated amplifier solution.

Carefully designed in line with the LEAK ethos of performance, reliability and craftsmanship, the LEAK STEREO 130 matches contemporary performance with stand-out, classic LEAK styling.

當LEAK在1963年推出標誌性的STEREO 30時,它迅速成為當時標準預算放大器中英國最受歡迎的“升級版”。

如今,在2020年,LEAK運用最新技術提供了價格合理的集成擴音器STEREO 130,其功能齊全,可滿足從黑膠唱片到數字流媒體的現代音樂愛好者的需求。

LEAK STEREO 130是面向現代音頻發燒友的高性能,高保真集成放大器。由於其輸入的多樣性,它被設計為與各種模擬和數字信號源的完美匹配。它具有一個內置的動磁(MM)唱機前置放大器,可以直接連接到唱機唱機。您還可以通過創新的內置aptX和AAC編解碼器將音樂從任何藍牙設備(例如便攜式音樂播放器和智能手機)流式傳輸到LEAK STEREO 130。可以通過藍牙無線連接欣賞CD品質的音頻。

為了充分滿足現代音樂發燒友的需求,已經做出了很多努力,以確保LEAK STEREO 130的數字電路達到人們可能期望的高性能獨立D / A轉換器的質量水平,更不用說集成放大器解決方案了。 。

精心設計以符合LEAK的性能,可靠性和工藝精神,LEAK STEREO 130將現代性能與出色的經典LEAK風格相匹配。


Mission LX-6 MKII

The LX-6 MKII uses a 25mm microfiber dome tweeter to produce crisp and detailed high frequencies, with a neodymium magnet for maximum magnetic force in a small space. The tweeter is lightweight, with impressive transient attack for all the high frequencies.

The two 6.5 inch bass drivers and the 5 inch midrange driver featured on the LX-6 MKII are a new version of the DiaDrive from Mission, using a seamless curvilinear diaphragm instead of a cone and hub cap. The drivers on the LX-6 MKII speakers are constructed from an advanced dual-layer fibre formulation, which exhibits excellent self-damping and has a very high stiffness to mass ratio. A high strength ferrite magnet ensures the magnetic is directed precisely within the voice coil, for an ultra-linear excursion and a focused performance. The bass and midrange drivers use comb-tooth separations around the drivers to help scatter interfering reflections. This helps the drivers produce a smoother frequency response with less resonance.

For the MKII version of the LX Series, Mission has updated the crossover to produce a smoother performance from the speakers, with a notable improvement on off-axis balance. To aid timing and rhythm, the LX series speakers use Mission’s inverted driver geometry, placing the midrange driver above the tweeter. The wavelengths from the woofers and tweeters coincide at the listener’s head height.

For the cabinet of the LX-6 MKII speakers, internal damping has been widely used, to reduce midrange colouration and improve bass response. Using Computer-aided design, the LX-6 MKII speaker cabinets have improved rigidity with less unwanted resonance. The speakers are available in three finishes of matte black, white or walnut.


  • 3-way speaker design
  • Two 6.5 inch composite bass drivers
  • 5 inch composite midrange driver
  • 25mm microfibre dome tweeter
  • Inverted driver geometry
  • Internally damped cabinet for reduced colouration and better bass response


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Leak Stereo 130 + Mission LX6 MKII - HIFI

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