A-F601 bookshelf speaker

The use of spherical silk film treble, the expansion of the high frequency is wider, the sound quality is brighter sound, with 15.24cm of PP pots woofer unit ,excellent combination, medium and high frequency sounds are delicate and sweet.
The wooden box material is 18mm MDF dense board. The structural design of the box's polygonal chamfering can increase the diffusion performance of the single body, make the sound spread more broad。The appearance of the walnut veneer is elegant and beautiful.
2 ways 2 unit frequency divider, using FRP circuit board and MPT capacitor, oxygen-free copper filter inductance.
The overall mix of this speaker, whether it is listening to human voice, jazz or symphony can play very good sound quality effect.

●Maximum power: 120W
●Rated power: 90W
●Impedance: 4Ω
●Frequency: 40Hz-20KHz
●Sensitivity: 89 dB
●Dimension: 22(W)*32(D)*38(H)cm
●Weight: 9kg/pcs


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LA Audio A-F601 Bookshelf Speakers