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KOJO TECHNOLOGY KS-9 Clotho 2 Meter Power Cord


使用 KOJO TECHNOLOGY 自家 4N OFC 線芯,線材柔軟度適中,有極佳操作,方便放置。插頭採 用日本 Furutech 古河鍍金款式,確保穩定的連接。此外,受惠於優秀鍍金工藝,線材分離度 高,獲取更寬闊的頻寬響應。重現在音樂中的情感,KS-9 除了有穩定的中低音表現和控制力 外,中高頻亮度、聲音速度感和攻擊感一起被精美地表現出來。這是一款具有出色平衡性的型 號,可讓您更投入體驗音樂。它是一種全能的電源線,不僅具有 reference 音色,還具有音樂 感,推薦給所有音樂愛好者。


Using KOJO TECHNOLOGY's own 4N OFC wire core, the wire is moderately soft, has excellent operation, and is easy to place. The plug is gold-plated from Furutech, Japan, to ensure a stable connection. In addition, thanks to the excellent gold plating process, the separation of the wires is high, and a wider bandwidth response is obtained. Reproducing the emotion in music, the KS-9 is beautifully expressed in addition to its stable mid-bass performance and control, mid-high-frequency brightness, sound speed and aggression. This is a well-balanced model that allows you to be more involved in your music experience. It is an all-round power cord that not only has a reference tone but also a musical feel, and is recommended for all music lovers.

KOJO TECHNOLOGY KS-9 Clotho 2 Meter Power Cable

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