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KOJO TECHNOLOGY KS-3 II EuryaleII 2 Meter Power Cable


KS-3 II EuryaleII 在設計上特別針對高頻重播及解像力方面下苦功,使用 KOJO TECHNOLOGY 自家 4N OFC 線芯,線材柔軟度適中,有極佳操作,方便放置。

KS-3 II 是一款高分析力的型號,具有出色的高頻再生能力和分離度, 同時適合顯示器使用,聲音圖像的傳輸比以往任何時候都更加清晰,有強大空氣感。至於低頻方面,極力抑制了訊嘈聲,實現銳利及高速的聲音,適合重播現代音樂。 

電源插頭方面,採用了品質具定評的 AET 製品,兩端分別採用了電源插頭 PSE-018V2HG ,以及 IEC 插頭 PSE-320HG。其他規格方面,線材為 HVCTF 3 × 2SQ 20sq / 37股 x 0.26Φ / 3芯構造 / 外徑8.4Φ,電力規格為 15A 125V。


Since KS-II Euryale has worked hard for high-frequency replay and resolution, it uses KOJO TECHNOLOGYII's 4N OFC wire core. The wire is moderately soft, easy to operate, and easy to place. The KS3 II is a highly perceptive model with excellent high-frequency reproduction and separated images, adaptable to monitor usage, and the transmission of sound is clearer and clearer than ever, with stronger sound at high levels. expressiveness. , for the sound of modern music, to achieve sharp and high speed, suitable for replaying music. In terms of power plugs, AET products with rated quality are used, and power plugs PSE-018V2HG and IEC plugs PSE-320HG are used respectively. In other specifications, the wire is HVCTF 3 × 2SQ 20sq / 37 x 0.26Φ / 3-core structure / 8.4Φ outer diameter, and the power specification is 15A 125V.



KOJO TECHNOLOGY KS-3 II EuryaleII 2 Meter Power Cable

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