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Crystal EG combines the high-quality fine blasting of Crystal E Jtune with the special aluminum electrolytic capacitor of the Crystal Ep series.
The best performance model in virtual earth history made by KOJO TECHNOLOGY!


The Crystal EG, which will be released on the market as a higher-end model of the Crystal E, follows the basic configuration of the Crystal E Jtune (limited to 800 units worldwide) and uses fine blasting to improve the precision of sandblasting. Furthermore, plug-type virtual earth: Hybridization has been achieved, including the installation of six special aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which are used in the Crystal Ep series.
Crystal EG is the model with the largest surface area in the history of virtual earths manufactured by KOJO TECHNOLOGY.



rystal EG, which is a higher-end model of these, uses fine blast *2
processing , which is an even more precise version of sandblasting . The surface unevenness is controlled uniformly, the variation in the expanded surface area is reduced, and the processing content is high precision and high quality.

The evolution of Crystal EG doesn't stop there. The higher-end model, Crystal EG, is equipped with six special aluminum electrolytic capacitors *3
introduced in the plug-type virtual earth Crystal Ep series .

In addition, these six capacitors are mounted on a printed circuit board with a double-sided solid pattern layout to further expand the conductor surface area. 
Crystal EG has succeeded in expanding the conductor surface area like never before by adopting a new fine blasting process for dissimilar metal plates and combining a special aluminum electrolytic capacitor with etching technology.
The surface area of ​​the laminated plate (8 layers) by fine blasting is approximately 1,600 cm 2 (approximately 60% more than Crystal E), and the surface area by installing 6 special aluminum electrolytic capacitors is approximately 66,000 cm 2 (six times that of Crystal Ep series) ), with a total area of ​​68,000cm2 . In fact, it has an effective area equivalent to more than 3.6 tatami mats of a Japanese-style room, making it the model with the largest surface area in the history of KOJO TECHNOLOGY's virtual earth products.


*1 8 layers of

① Stainless steel (SUS) /

② Brass /

③ Copper /

④ Brass /

⑤ Copper /

⑥ Brass /

⑦ Copper /

⑧ Brass *

Kojo Technology Crystal E-G Ground Box | KOJO TECHNOLOGY's best performance ever

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