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The Crystal C1P uses Panasonic surge absorber as a lightning countermeasure. We selected parts that meet the surge capacity of 7KV. The noise filter part has been renewed for a long time, and the filter circuit configuration, component constants, and pattern artwork have been redesigned from scratch.

The Crystal C1P has a really unique power strip connection function. The shape of the inlets and connecting outlets used in the Crystal series is unified to the international standard IEC60320, and it is possible to expand the functions by connecting.

By connecting with Crystal 3.1 and 6.1, which have already been released, it is possible to increase the number of outlets, and if you connect it with a variety of power strips for various functions that will be released in the future, it will match individual audio systems. It is possible to build a highly scalable power strip system, contributing to the systematization of power strips that are uniform in terms of sound quality and design.

Noise filtering of the Crystal series

For example, by connecting Crystal C1P + Crystal 3.1, it is possible to make it a power strip with noise filters, including Crystal 3.1. This suppresses the noise entering from the power line and the noise returning to the power line.

Digital/ana separation using Crystal 3P

Alternatively, in the combination of Crystal 3P + Crystal C1P, Crystal 3P is filterless, Crystal C1P and later are filtered, Crystal 3P is analog equipment, C1P is filtered. By connecting digital equipment, it is possible to easily separate digital/ana. In this way, the connection between Crystals can be expanded according to the situation of the audio system, and the system can be built for the power strip.

In addition, Crystal C1P comes with a connecting plate to increase the consolidation of the series. When connecting with other Crystal series, the connection is strengthened by fixing each other's BOTTOM chassis with a screw. ( It is also possible to connect with the Force bar series, but it cannot be fixed with a connecting plate.)

In addition, the compact and slim body that meets user needs is very beneficial for the accessories installed on the back of the narrow audio system, making it possible to clean up the wiring around the power supply.

The ground terminal, which is not familiar with other manufacturers' power strips, is connected to the ground line and exterior case of internal wiring, and functions effectively as a connection destination for the ground wire outlet plug found in power cables such as analog players. I will.

It is equipped with an original design normal mode noise-enabled choke coil and consists of a π-type filter in conjunction with a condenser. The choke coil uses an air core coil that has high power resistance and unsaturation characteristics. In addition, he is particular about the material of the winding material, and it is said that he has selected materials with good safety and sound quality.

The capacitors that make up the π-type filter use a noise suppression capacitor made by Okaya Electric. Constant settings, including the inductance value of the choke coil, are set from both hearing and filter characteristics.

The main body consists of three parts: TOP cover, BOTTOM chassis, and sub chassis. Adopting the structure. All parts from inlets to outlets are mounted on the sub chassis, independent of the top cover of the exterior case and the bottom chassis, and the vibration damping alloy M2052 spacer (non-magnetic material) on the joint of the TOP cover and the sub chassis. It is trying to suppress unnecessary vibration from the outside by adopting

Each part is mounted with an appropriate sense of distance, and even if a large plug is inserted, it does not touch the exterior case. The window frame where you can see the outlet and inlet is an original round shape.

The color is based on silver, and the top cover is white anodized. In addition, it is said that it has been finished in a stylish design, such as finening the product model name engraved on the main body. In addition, a surge absorber and low-pass filter have been added to the icon notation representing the function.

The wiring material adopts a single-wire tinned 1.6mm, which actively utilizes the epidermal effect, and wires straight for signal transmission without loss. The pattern artwork of the board also adopts a layout that is strongly conscious of straight wiring. In addition, by making it a double-sided pattern, the noise reduction effect and pattern impedance will be reduced at the same time. In addition, the heavy use of the beer hall is to improve the allowable current.

It is said that each part is soldered with special ingredients, and it is working with skilled technology by the company's special meister.

In this series, the shape of the inlet/connection outlet is unified to the international standard (IEC60320), and it is possible to connect and expand the series, such as the released "Crystal 3.1" and "Crystal 6.1". For example, by connecting Crystal C1P and Crystal 3.1, all of them, including Crystal 3.1, can be power strips with noise filters. A special plate for connection is also included, and it can be fixed with a screw.

The outer diameter dimensions are 59W x 37H x 233Dmm (excluding ground terminals and foot protrusions), and the weight is about 720g.

Kojo Technology Crystal C1P Power Tap with Surge Protector & Low Pass Filter

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