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Crystal C1P

A power strip equipped with a surge absorber (lightning countermeasure) and noise filter has been added to the popular Crystal series.

As the successor to the Force bar S1P, we have further improved the sound quality by reconstructing the circuit configuration of the noise filter, component selection, constants, and pattern layout.

Crystal C1P uses Panasonic's highly reliable surge absorber*1 as a lightning countermeasure.


In addition, the noise filter part has been redesigned from the one equipped with Force bar S1P and redesigned the filter circuit configuration, component constant, and pattern artwork from scratch. In this Crystal C1P, the common mode choke coil used in the Force bar S1P has been abolished and changed to a choke coil that supports normal mode noise. A π-type filter is configured in conjunction with capacitors.

Among them, the normal mode choke coil is originally designed by our company, and we use an empty core coil*2 with high power resistance and unsaturated characteristics.

We are also particular about the material of the winding material used for the air core coil, and we select and manufacture materials that are good in terms of safety and sound quality from several types of winding material candidates.

In addition, the capacitors that make up the π-type filter use Okaya Electric's noise suppression capacitor, which is proven in our products. Constant settings, including the inductance value of the choke coil, are performed from both audible and filter characteristics.

※1 Surge absorber

It is a ceramic element that adds several kinds of additives to the main raw material, zinc oxide and is sintered by a ceramic method, combining excellent voltage non-linear characteristics comparable to Zener diodes with unparalleled current resistance characteristics, voltage stability, pulse electric This is a device for suppressing pressure, absorbing surge voltage and lightning arrest.

Even if you take sufficient measures against lightning damage, it will not mean that you can definitely prevent the damage.

*2 Empty core coil core (ferrite/amorphous/etc.) Because it does not use materials, there is no core loss at high frequencies found in core coils and it is unsaturated. The inductance value is also stable because there is no change due to the current.

Titanium spacers were used to connect the TOP cover and the subchassis, but Crystal C1P adopts a vibration damping alloy that can attenuate from ultra-low frequency to ultrasonic range: M2052*3 spacer (non-magnetic material), which is not The attenuation of vibration required is making it a higher level.

*3 Vibration damping alloy: M2052

The National Institute for Materials Science and Technology [NIMS] (formerly the Materials Research Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology) filed a patent (patent number: No. 2849698) in 1995. It is an Mn-based alloy consisting of 73% Mn (manganese) + Cu (copper) 20% + Ni (nickel) 5% + Fe (iron) 2%. When vibration load is received, bicrystal activity (generating, disappearance, movement) occurs in the alloy, and it is seen in conventional alloys. It is said that it produces high vibration damping properties that were not there.

The Crystal C1P has a truly unique power strip connection function. The inlet and connecting outlets adopted in the Crystal series are unified to the international standard: IEC60320, enabling expansion of functions by connecting.

By connecting with Crystal 3.1 and 6.1, which are already released, it is possible to increase the number of outlets, and if you connect it with a variety of functional power strips that will be released in the future, it matches individual audio systems. It is possible to build a scalable power strip system, contributing to the systematization of a unified power strip in sound quality and design.

Noise filtering of Crystal series

For example, by connecting Crystal C1P to Crystal 3.1, it is possible to use all noise filtered power strips, including Crystal 3.1. This suppresses the noise coming in from the power line and the noise returning to the power line.

Kojo Technology Crystal C1P Equipped with a surge absorber and noise filter!

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