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Crystal 6.1​​
Crystal 6.1 is a model that can provide an efficient number of outlets for heavy users who have complicated system configurations and many audio equipment, and is equipped with 6 3P outlets with a grounding electrode + 1 2P outlet.

The AC adapter has various sizes, shapes, and insertion directions, and has the disadvantages of blocking adjacent outlets. However, by ensuring an appropriate distance from the outlet installation direction, a large AC adapter can be used. It is possible to use an adapter. (Following the functions of the Force bar series)  In addition, the compact and slim body that meets user needs is extremely advantageous for accessories installed on the back of narrow audio systems, and it is possible to clean the wiring around the power supply.
The ground terminal, which is unfamiliar with power strips from other manufacturers, is connected to the ground line of the internal wiring and the outer case, and is used in combination with a 2P outlet as a connection destination for the outlet plug with a ground wire found in power cables such as analog players. It works effectively by doing.

Kojo Technology Crystal 6.1 Power Distributor

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