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This is the first connected power strip in the Crystal series (model with an additional number of outlets).

Vibration damping alloy that can attenuate from ultra-low frequency to ultrasonic range: M2052 1 spacer (non-magnetic material) has been adopted to make unnecessary vibration attenuation more high-dimensional.

The wiring material of the power supply line has been changed from 4N oxygen-free copper to tinned 1.6mm while inheriting the single wire material that actively utilizes the epidermis effect. It is straight wired so that it can transmit from input to output without loss.

In soldering each part, we examine and sort and use special ingredients, and our special meister is working with skilled technology.

Unique linkage function and high usability

Crystal 3P is a number of outlets (3 outlets) compatible with CD players, preamplifiers, and power amplifiers that can be considered to be a general configuration in modern audio systems.

It is also equipped with the first connection (receptacle) function in the Crystal series. The inlet and connecting outlet shape are unified to the international standard: IEC60320, enabling connection and expansion between Crystal series. By connecting with Crystal 3.1 and 6.1, which are already released, it is possible to increase the number of outlets, and if you connect it with a variety of functional power strips that will be released in the future, it matches individual audio systems. It is possible to build a scalable power strip system, contributing to the systematization of a unified power strip in sound quality and design.

Crystal 3P is one of the key devices that can be expanded according to the situation and location of the audio system.

In addition, a connecting plate has been prepared (accessories) to increase the tally of the connecting part from this Crystal 3P. When connecting with other Crystal series, the connection is strengthened by fixing each other's BOTTOM chassis with screwing. ( It is also possible to connect with the Force bar series, but it cannot be fixed with a connecting plate.)

With the advent of the recent era of PC audio and network audio, AC adapters have become increasingly used. The AC adapter has a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and insertion directions, and there were disadvantages such as blocking the adjacent outlet, but by ensuring the mounting direction of the outlet and the appropriate sense of distance, a large AC adapter can be used. It is possible to use it. ( Following the functions of the Force bar series)

The compact and slim body that meets user needs is very beneficial for accessories installed on the back of a narrow audio system, enabling clear wiring around the power supply.

The ground terminal, which is unfamiliar with other manufacturers' power strips, is connected to the ground line and exterior case of the internal wiring, and it works effectively as a connection destination for an outlet plug with a ground wire seen in power cables such as analog players. I will do.

Crystal 3P specifications

product specification


3P inlet (IEC60320 C14) x 1


3P outlets (NEMA5-15R) x 3

1 3P connecting outlet (IEC60320 C13)

phase number

With single-phase two-wire grounding


AC100V (rated AC125V)


one thousand five hundred VA



external form

W59×H37×D233 [mm]

Excluding ground terminals and foot protrusions


about six hundred seventy g

operating temperature

0 to 40°C


Warranty card / 1 connecting plate (4 mounting screws)

Kojo Technology Crystal 3P - The First Expansion Series Model in Crystal

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