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Furutech FP-S022N Alpha Nano-OFC Power Cable


When it comes to AC power, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Everything that we ultimately hear and see and experience in there audio and video systems is, in a very specific way, the result of AC power itself. All of that AC runs through your power cords first, so they can influence the signal just as much as any other cable in your system if not more. 

The Furutech Nano-OFC power cord uses one of the finest conductors their engineers have designed the Alpha Nano OFC. They combined their legendary Alpha-OFC conductors, which are treated cryogenically and demagnetized in a patented two-step process, with a new transmission enhancer known as Nano Liquid. The molecules in Nano Liquid are so small (approximately 8 nanometers in diameter, or 8/1,000,000th of a millimeter) that they finely “coat” the Alpha-OFC and smooth out all microscopic surface irregularities that can affect both signal transfer and impedance. That means, quite simply, that there is a greater contact area for the conductor. 

Nano Liquid is created by precisely mixing super-micro particles made of both gold and silver, along with a dispersion of Squalene oil. The engineers at Furutech found that they could affect the ultimate sound quality by carefully varying the ratios of the gold, silver and oil. After many extensive tests, the engineers agreed upon the ratio now used in our Nano Liquid. In essence, they “tuned” the Nano Liquid until they arrived at a balanced, musical sound a sound that could only be the result of the purest transmission of AC power. 

When you install Furutech Nano-OFC power cords in a high-quality audio or video system, you can expect the following improvements:

  • A lower noise floor, which allows more music to flow through your system
  • Increased dynamics, particularly with complex passages that can sound muddled and confused through lesser power cables
  • Deeper, tighter low frequencies that have greater texture and 3-D palpability
  • Midrange clarity that sounds natural and lifelike, preserving all the “life” of a particular recording
  • Higher resolution and detail, without sounding bright or analytical, allowing you hear even deeper into your favorite recordings
  • An increase in soundstage size, as well as more specific imaging within that soundstage, for a more realistic feel to the performance
  • Higher video resolution with more realistic colors and clarity Audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts and professional recording engineers have all noticed the significant improvements in performance for all types of audio, video and display devices all by merely switching to the Furutech Nano-OFC power cords throughout the system 



  • α (Alpha) Nano-OFC Conductor: 1.93mm diameter (14AWG)
  • Insulation: Special grade Flexible PVC (Red/White/Green), 3.5mm diameter
  • Inner Sheath: Flexible PVC approx.9.3mm diameter
  • Shield: 0.12mm braided α (Alpha) Conductor wires
  • Sheath: RoHS Compliant Flexible PVC; overall diameter approx. 12.9mm

About Furutech

Furutech, founded in 1988, designs and manufactures an extraordinary range of A/V cables made with extremely high purity OCC single-crystal oxygen-free copper. Furutech have several complete lines of analog and digital, power and coaxial cables available in terminated and bulk quantities. Furutech make a wide range of highest quality OEM A/V connectors and other signal transfer parts including power, speaker, IEC and specialized Hyper Audio Quality outlet receptacles. All metal components are treated with Furutech’s proprietary 2-Stage Alpha Cryogenic and Ring Demagnetization Process during manufacture that ensures the lowest achievable levels of distortion and noise.

Furutech offers a full line of elegantly engineered and designed power distribution and filter components made with an attention to detail found nowhere elsewhere. Furutech knows each and every part of the chain, no matter how small, is as important as the next, so they lavish maximum attention on all aspects of AC power transfer. As with cables, the separate parts go through the complete Alpha Process, and also benefit from the effects of GC-303, an applied material that absorbs EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Furutech's Reference Line of cables and interconnects also include this anti-EMI technology.

Furutech's multistep and highly specialized techniques result in extremely low-noise, fast and undistorted signal transfer that begins with the incoming AC mains power, an important factor overlooked by many.


At Furutech, everyone there is passionately devoted to reaching the highest watermark in reference-grade A/V cables, OEM parts and accessories for home and car audio where Furutech maintain a very strong presence. Furutech's mission is building the absolutely best products imaginable whatever the effort involved, and offering them at a price/performance ratio that deeply satisfies every purchaser. Furutech’s Pure Transmission Design Concept improves every element of signal transmission, from the AC to the speaker.

Furutech FP-S022N Alpha Nano-OFC Power Cable

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