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The A15 dual hard drive extraction racks are made of German technology spring shock absorption, and the adjacent cooling fan and power transformer also use customized silicone shock absorption to ensure that the physical vibration of the machine is reduced, which can prevent the deterioration of audio and video quality. At the same time, each area is shielded and isolated with a thick metal cover to prevent electromagnetic interference between each other. Not only that, but also optional metal shock absorbers and other accessories to further reduce vibration, the details are extremely attentive.

The materials of A15 are carefully selected, the immersion gold craft military grade PCB, the fever level 70 watt high power ring cow, the pure copper gold plated interface, the selection of high-quality ELNA capacitors, the German Weimar capacitors, the original Japanese Omron relays, 0.5% accuracy Wafer resistors and other high-standard components and specially optimized wiring, the performance and materials of the whole machine have not seen shortcomings, which is also the premise of A15’s outstanding sound and picture quality.

Adhering to the Hi-Fi audiophile-grade design, the A15 adopts a 70-watt high-power ring cow (toroidal transformer) and a linear regulated power supply.
The digital, audio, and main control systems are independently powered to effectively reduce external magnetic interference.

A15 adopts ES9038 audio decoding chip with good reputation and excellent performance in the industry.


XMOS+CPLD audio data de-jitter shaping technology, clock reshaping and de-jitter effectively improve clock signal jitter, ensure the synchronization and stability of audio data,
And make the DAC sound quality more pure, and the details optimized to perfection. Support decoding two channels NativeDSD512 and 768KHz@32bitPCM.


Whole machine shock absorption and electromagnetic shielding isolation design


A15 materials are carefully selected, immersion gold craft military grade PCB, fever grade 70 watt high power ring cow, pure copper gold plated interface, selected high quality ELNA capacitors, German Weimar capacitors,
Japanese original Omron relays, 0.5% accuracy Wafer resistance,ect



1.Power supply: it adopts audiophile-grade high-power audio special toroida transformer,separate linear power supply for audio and digital parts.

2.Adopts ES9038 digital-analog chip, audio with high signal-to-noise ratio, high separation, and low distortion.

3.Up to 768K/32Bit PCM format output and DSD512 output.

4.Military-grade PCB, audiophile-grade device, optimized wiring.

5.Using XMOS for audio decoding, Stable and pure audio signal.

6.Comprehensive shock absorption solutions such as fans, hard disk compartments, transformers, etc.

7.A comprehensive metal shield to isolate electromagnetic interference between strong and weak electricity, high and low frequencies, and digital and analog;

8.With USB DAC IN interface and Hi-Fi audio Interface, can be used as an independent DAC;

HDMI audio and video separation output.

9.Support 4K blue light full-function navigation.

10.Support 4K@60Hz point-to-point output, display refresh rate adjustment.

11.With HDR/HDR10 wide color gamut, 10bit color depth.

12.Fully automatic poster wall, video Details presented.

13.With DTS/DOLBY dual certification, perfect support for Atmos/DTS:X source code output.

14.Support for H.265/HEVC 4K hard decoding, smooth decoding of extremely high bit rate up to 248MBps.

15.With Gigabit network, 5G dual channel wifi, Wired network rate up to 941Mbps.

16.Supports SAMBA/NFS LAN shared playback of 3D and 4K movies.

17.Dual hard disk storage, dual USB3.0.

18.Full audio and video support, powerful broadcast control capabilities.

19.11.2 channel source code output capability.

20.Intelligent temperature control fan.

21.Built-in high-quality switching power supply.

22.A K88 remote control, dual IR infrared receiver. Control4 smart home control.

24. With IR BACK and IR IN interface, front USB interface.

25.Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth antenna.

26.Industrial-grade power supply safety design.


√  Hi-Fi音频输出:信噪比(SNR):123dB,失真度(THD+N):-120dB,分离度:131dB
√ 70瓦大功率音频专用环牛,三路分离式线性电源独立供电
√ 内置ESS公司性能优异的DAC芯片ES9038,音频信号输出高水准
√ 沉金工艺军工级PCB、晶圆电阻、发烧级电容、进口原装继电器等高规格元器件
√ XMOS音频解码,CPLD音频IIS信号整形电路,高精度低温漂晶振
√ 双硬盘抽取架采用德国工艺弹簧减震,防止音画质的细微劣化
√ 温控无极调速风扇及电源变压器定制硅胶减震,确保机器物理震动影响小
√ 厚实金属屏蔽罩隔离,杜绝强弱电、高低频、数字与模拟之间的电磁干扰
√ 内置在线点播5.1声道影片应用和可下载无损4K、1080P原盘的下载影库
√ 母带和DSD等无损音频播放,高达768K/32Bit的PCM格式输出和支持到DSD512的DSD输出,体现高品质音乐的优异解析力
√ 支持4K UHD、1080P影片全功能导航,享受蓝光影片的完整内容;
√ 全自动影片海报墙,将本地存储影片以瀑布流电影海报方式呈现;
√ 内置高品质无损4K、1080P下载影库片源,不用再为片源而烦恼;
√ 广色域HDR/HDR10,10BIT色深,10.7亿种色彩呈现,带你体验从未感受到的逼真视效;
√ 4K@60HZ点对点视频输出,适配所有显示设备,显现高质量的画面;
√ 拥有DTS、DOLBY双认证,支持ATMOS/DTS:X新一代音轨源码输出;
√ H.265/HEVC真4K硬件解码,流畅解码高达200MBPS的较高码流;
√ 1000M自适应有线网络,2.4G/5G 802.11B/G/N/AC 2T2R极速无线网络,局域网播放流畅不卡顿;
√ 支持SAMBA/NFS局域网共享,播放3D、4K极清影片,不用再经常拔插影片和来回拷贝;
√ 支持U盘,移动硬盘,≥16T(更大容量未测试)超大硬盘的读取播放;
√ 支持全格式蓝光3D影片播放,在家就能体验3D影院的效果;
√ 创新影片音轨、字幕一键智能切换,无需步步深入层层设置;
√ 可调亮度大型白光LED显示屏,可随时了解机器的工作状态,豪华大气;
√ 全新升级2020版EGUi 3.0,提升用户体验和稳定性
√ 双频双通道WiFi和4.0蓝牙,HDMI 2.0音画分离输出,支持C4及RS-232智能中控接口,可连接音箱、键盘、鼠标等多种扩展设备,使机器使用更加灵活


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Egreat A15 Premium Hifi Blu-ray Media Player

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