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Balanced structure, three-layer shielding

Divini designed a three-core structure for S-S12, of which two 0.11mm single crystalline silver strands are signal cores, and another 0.22mm single crystalline silver wires are ground wires. Although Divini only launches a single-terminal version of S-S12 at this stage, the actual structure is balanced.

The shielding is also very particular. The S-S12 has a total of three layers of shielding, including two layers of thick copper foil, one layer of individually wrapped inner lines, and the other layer is covered with three inner lines at the same time. The exterior plus one layer of braided mesh made of 0.1mm silver-plated copper wire, striving to achieve the most perfect shielding and isolating the unwanted external electromagnetic wave noise.

The original factory also said that through their triple shielding, coupled with a ground line with thicker wire diameter, it helps to stabilise the ground end of the signal, thus reducing the voltage floating during signal transmission, so that the loss of signal transmission is smaller. For this, the sound energy of S-S12 will be more sufficient and accurate.

The background is dark, the sound is tight and the tone is gorgeous.

In fact, I really don't need to say much about the sound characteristics of Divini S-S12. The original factory has written it clearly on the official website. As they said, it is not ostentatious. Its voice is very clean and its background is very quiet, so it is easy to appear whether it is the details in the music or the commotion on the stage. The sound field is carried out in a natural and balanced way. At the same time, its vocal body audio-visual cohesion is high, so the shape outline is tight and clear, and the connection makes the audio-visual separation good, which makes the stage more open.

It is also very comprehensive in terms of frequency band performance. The treble has a brilliant sense of gorgeousness, but the tone is bright but not harsh, but it is easy to bring out the colour of music. The analysis of the middle range is outstanding, the audio and video are three-dimensional, and the realism is high. The bass is clean and not bloated, and the sense of quantity is not lacking and it is easy to dive down. What's more rare is that the analytical power of its bass field is quite good.

Rich information creates a lively performance


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