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1. High purity 7N single crystalline copper conductor

2. Aluminum foil plus copper foil plus silver-plated anaerobic copper mesh three-layer shielding

3. Special metal plus log RJ45 gold-plated connecter

4. Super shock absorbent weaving net

5. Deep black background

6. High-density weight

Cable Type︰Ethernet Cable (RJ45)

Conductor Material︰7N OCC

Contactor Material︰Phosphor bronze with min. 50 mic-inch gold plated

Out Diameter︰10 mm

Structure︰2x4pair Independent Structure

Shield︰Triple Shielding ( Aluminum Foil+Copper Foil + Silver-Plated Copper Braid )

Divini Audio X-N12 OCC Ethernet Cable 2Meter Made in Taiwan

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