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Divini Audio Reference 8 Bookshelf SpeakersAfter years of research and development and production, Taiwan Tianle Divini Company has an intermediate value, exquisite texture, noble bel canto, and a bookshelf-shaped speaker with extremely high C/P value!Don't underestimate the Reference 8 bookshelf speaker of Divini Audio. This simple two-tone bookshelf speaker is very difficult to make. Just to bend the peach-shaped box to the desired shape, and it will not break the wood material. It's quite labor-consuming, but in order to challenge the limit. , Reference 8 came out.In addition to the unique shape of the speaker box that attracts attention, the monomer of Reference 8 looks like Scan Speaks, but in fact they are all new monomers developed by Divini Audio and patented registered. The treble monomer adopts Ring Dome with a 25.4 mm calibre. The model is called SD-2. The interior is a patented symmetric magnetic engine. There is a pointed nose in the centre and a protective metal mesh on the outside, which not only protects the monomer, but also improves the diffusion of sound waves. It is installed in the shallow horn.As for the medium and subwoofer monomer, Reference 8 uses a 7-inch medium bass. In terms of the bookshelf speaker, it is a relatively large medium bass. However, the performance of this medium bass is quite good, so the frequency division point of Reference 8 is set at 2.5 kHz, obviously the high frequency of 7-inch medium bass. The extension is quite good, so it can be set at a higher frequency division point, and the frequency response specification of Reference 8 is 36 Hz ~ 35 kHz, which is almost as good as the floor speaker. If you want to buy a pair of high-quality bookshelf speakers at home, Reference 8 is worth turning off. Note.Equipment specificationsType: 2 monomer 2-channel bass reflective bookshelf speakerSingle: 25.4mm SD-2 tweeter ×1, patented symmetric magnetic engine 7-inch medium bass ×1Sensitivity: 88.5 dBAverage impedance: 4.8 ohmsFrequency response: 36 Hz - 35 kHzFrequency division point: 2.5 kHzSize: 455×234×300 mm (H×W×D)Weight: 9.4 KgWelcome for Audition 

Divini Audio Reference 8 Bookshelf Speakers

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