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DIVINI Classical 3 bookshelf speakers

Product parameters

Type: 2-way bookshelf speaker

Sensitivity: 86.5 dB 1W/1M

Average Impedance : 6 ohm

Crossover point: 2350 Hz

Response frequency : 62 - 35000 Hz

Withstand power: 120W RMS (180W PEAK)

Dimensions: H * W *D =270×150×210 mm

Weight/Single Side : 4.1 KG

Tweeter : 1× 26mm tweeter (Special Design Scan Speak D2608/913002 ) Mid-woofer: 1× 120mm bass-mid driver (Special Design 12W/4524G02 )



Classical 3的推出,对中小空间的爱乐者提出了一个优质且合理的选项,聆乐空间对于现代的中产阶级而言,多数都是在15平方公尺以下的中小型空间,空间不大可摆放的位置自然受到很大的限制,体积小易于摆放便成为选择喇叭时一个重要考量的因素,小型喇叭的低频量感以及能量通常都有相当程度的妥协,常使得爱乐者得不到满足的聆乐感动。DIVINI AUDIO 在经过对各种材质长时间的组合测试,推出了Classical 3 这款小体积,高性能的小型书架喇叭,无论您是放在书桌旁当桌面系统或只是摆放在脚架上使用,我们都有信心,能让您在受限的环境下,得到满满的聆乐感动。 

使用丹麦原装进口Scan Speak高级单体,音质优美、动态极佳。



The launch of Classical 3 presents a high-quality and reasonable option for music lovers in small and medium spaces. For the modern middle class, most of the listening spaces are small and medium-sized spaces under 15 square meters, and the space is not too large. The placement position is naturally very limited. The small size and easy placement have become an important factor when choosing speakers. The low-frequency volume and energy of small speakers are usually compromised to a certain extent, which often makes music lovers unable to get it. Satisfied listening and moving. DIVINI AUDIO has launched the Classical 3 after a long-term combination test of various materials, a small volume, high-performance small bookshelf speaker, whether you use it as a desktop system beside a desk or just use it on a tripod, We are all confident that we can give you a full listening experience in a limited environment. The box is made of birch plywood imported from Nordic Finland and covered with piano paint. Using Scan Speak high-end monomer imported from Denmark, the sound quality is beautiful and the dynamics are excellent. The front panel inclined phase correction design, the audio and video is natural and clear, and the sound field is wide and deep. Special pure red copper speaker terminal, two-wire split design, signal conduction loss is extremely low. Magnetic surface mesh design, no protruding fixed buckles on the panel, refreshing and beautiful.


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