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Type: floor speaker Sensitivity: 89.5 dB

Average Impedance : 4 ohm . 3.2 ohm min

Crossover point : 2.6 k Hz . 70 Hz .

Response frequency: 30-25000 Hz.

Power withstand: 20-180W RMS ( 310 watts peak )

Dimensions: H * W *D =1155×372×329 mm

Weight/Single Side : 29.5 kg

Tweeter: 1 x 25.4mm Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil.

Replaceable Acuflex™ dome

Mid-woofer: 1 x 5.25” Shallow profile D.P.C cone 3” Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil

Woofer: 220 mm Coated NRSC Fibre Glass Cone Magnet System w. Alu Ring


DIVINI AUDIO Classical 13 落地型喇叭

Classical 13 為 2.5音路4單體設計,高音單體是跟Classical 11相同的MOREL 1吋絲膜高音單體,值得一提的是 DIVINI AUDIO 特别為了設計Classical 13 而向MOREL 訂製了型號為DIVINI 538 的特製中低音單體, 這個單體特别在微動態細節部分做了升級改良 ,並且一聲道使用了2個DIVINI 538,成功克服了PP震膜在大音壓輸出下,中頻細節稍微不足的缺點,並搭配丹麥SCANSPEAK 9吋低音單體, 賦予CLASSICASL13擁有高低頻段延伸充足飽滿,穩定承受大功率輸出的能力,造就了Classical 13 允文允武的全能特性。


Classical 13 更預留了升級DSP主動式放大模塊的配線及植入空間,能無痛升级到 Classical 13 ACTIVE,主動式喇叭。

Classical 13 外型高度達到115公分,如果先看到外型尺寸,一般都會以為是一對佔空間的大型喇叭,然而看到實際外觀時,您會訝異於CLASSICASL 13 優雅俐落的外型 ,合宜的線條設計。能輕易融入居家空間而毫無違和感。


DIVINI AUDIO Classical 13 Floorstanding Speaker


The Classical 13 is a 2.5-channel 4-monitor design. The tweeter is the same MOREL 1-inch silk-coated tweeter as the Classical 11. It is worth mentioning that DIVINI AUDIO specially ordered the model DIVINI from MOREL for the design of the Classical 13. 538's special mid-bass unit, this unit has been upgraded and improved in the micro-dynamic detail part, and 2 DIVINI 538 are used in one channel, which successfully overcomes the PP diaphragm under high sound pressure output, and the mid-frequency detail is slightly less. Inadequate shortcomings, and with the Danish SCANSPEAK 9-inch woofer, endow the CLASSICASL13 with sufficient and full high and low frequency band extension, and the ability to stably withstand high power output, creating the all-round characteristics of Classical 13 Yunwen Yunwu. In the crossover design part, full paired components are still used, and the 2-channel error is controlled within 1dB. The Classical 13 also reserves the wiring and implantation space for upgrading the DSP active amplifier module, which can be painlessly upgraded to the Classical 13 ACTIVE, active speakers. The height of the Classical 13 is 115 cm. If you look at the dimensions first, you will usually think it is a pair of large speakers that take up space. However, when you see the actual appearance, you will be surprised by the elegant and neat appearance of the CLASSICASL 13. Appropriate line design. It can be easily integrated into the home space without any sense of disobedience.


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