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Divini Audio 5.1 Speaker Package +Denon S660H AV AMP + REL HT1003 Subwoofer with FREE GIFT


The DIVINI products deliver highest standards and most reasonable structure. Resulting out of the outstanding products.

DIVINI Audio is confident that they can bring you the whole brand really designed Speakers / Low-Resonance cabinet design / Treble adjustable suspension shock phase structure stability and a wide sound field, sound smooth and Natural.  Their mission is to provide the best, enjoyable sounds and happiness for music lovers at reasonable price with premium quality.


Divini Audio 5.1 Speaker Package includes :
- Divini Audio Classical 11 Floorstanding Speaker 

- Divini Audio LCR Center Speaker

- Divini Audio IW660 Surround Speakers

- REL HT1003 Subwoofer 

- Denon S660H 8K 5.2 CH Av Amplifier


Divini Audio Classical 11 

Floor-standing speakers excel in volume output, bass extension and sense of weight but occupy a bigger footprint and size, leading to placement inconveniences. The Classical 11 is a medium-sized floor-standing speaker retaining the superior qualities of floor-standing speakers, with a footprint similar to bookshelf speakers, and elegance to match your room decor.

> Slanted design to account for the phase difference between drivers due to their relative positions
> Precision-designed cabinet to reduce resonance
> Custom-designed crossover(by Divini) – resistors matched to 0.01ohms, capacitors matched to 0.1uF, inductors matched to 1%. This minimises the distortion due to the crossover design, resulting in more accurate music reproduction
> High-end drivers from renowned Morel(Israel) company e.g. Titanium Former series bass driver. This enables the Classical 11 to deliver speed, energy and musicality.
> Elegant design to match your room decor. Available in piano black and while

Product Specifications:
Speaker Type: Two-Way Floorstander
Sensitivity: 87.5db 1W/1M
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Crossover Frequency: 2.1k Hz
Frequency Response: 37Hz-25kHz
Power Handing: 180W RMS(280W Peak)
Dimension(HxWxD): 1055x200x250mm
Weight(net): 13.2kg/pc
Tweeter: 1× 28mm silk tweeter (Morel Classical Advanced line)
Bass-mid driver: 1× 160mm bass-mid driver (Morel Titanium Former line)


Divini Audio Classical LCR  is the center channel.


Sensitivity 88.5 dB

Resistance: 4 ohm

Frequency band: 46 Hz - 25 kHz

crossover: 2.6 kHz

nom. Power: 20-180W (250W peak).

Drivers: HF - 25.4mm large Hexatech aluminum coil with Acuflex dome; MF - 2 x 13.5 cm DPC tapered profile, with a large 3" Hexatech coil.

The body is a parallelepiped. Grill with magnets. Bivaring.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 440 mm x 170 mm x 230 mm.

Weight: 7.95 kg.


Both Tweeter & Bass Driver are from Morel Denmark.


Divini Audio IW-660 Classical IN-WALL - built-in acoustics.

Sensitivity 89.5 dB.

Resistance 4 Ohm.

Frequencies: 50 Hz - 22 kHz.

Crossover: 2.3 kHz.

Power: 25 - 120 W.

Speakers: HF - 28 mm, silk (Morel Classical); MF / LF - 16 cm (Morel Paper).

Weight: 2.05 kg.


REL HT1003 Subwoofer - 300Watts RMS

REL’s driver prowess is on full display with the HT/1003, a modern 10” CarbonGlas™ (250mm) driver that is both lightweight and extremely stiff. While many competitors drone along with relatively slow, heavy cones HT/1003 uses tough, stiff carbon fibre over 60% of the driven surface, backed by lightweight glasfibre. Naturally, we use true high quality natural butyl surrounds as they remain soft and pliable for decades—something REL owners have come to expect. We believe the new 10” CarbonGlas driver sets a new standard for affordable, high performance theater-specific drivers.


Denon S660H 

5.2-channel home theater receiver with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Apple AirPlay® 2, and Amazon Alexa compatibility 

The AVR-S660H uses a high-current, discrete power amplifier for each of its five channels. So, while 75 watts per channel may not sound like gobs of power on paper, this receiver has plenty of horsepower to drive most small- to medium-sized speakers with ease.


Power and processing:

  • 5-channel amplifier
  • 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD, with 2 channels driven
  • Dolby® and DTS® surround sound decoding
  • Audyssey MultEQ® auto speaker setup and room calibration delivers balanced, dynamic sound with enhanced surround performance




Divini Audio 5.1 Speaker Package +Denon S660H AV AMP + REL HT1003 Subwoofer

RM23,019.00 Regular Price
RM21,752.96Sale Price
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