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BESPOKE Hybrid Wooden Diffuser Wavelength Acoustic Panels


The Wavelength Hybrid acoustic panel reduces echo and noise in the room. It adds to the clarity of both music and the spoken word.


Improve the acoustic properties of your living space fundamentally. Put an end to unbalanced acoustic space, whether acoustic comfort or audio system performance be at stake.


Combined with superior insulation and isolation materials, wood finishes can accent comfortable, quiet spaces for optimal uniformity of style and function.


Photo shows Combination of 3pcs Panels to complete the puzzle.

Size per each panel : 600mm x 1200mmH

The Total Size : 1200mmH x 1800mmW


Acoustic Comfort

Reduce echo and noise in a modern and simple way. Noise is proven to have a detrimental effect on human health. Wherever architectural and interior design sacrifices or ignores the behaviour of sound in an enclosed space, compensatory acoustic treatments come to have their say. Too long a reverberation hinders concentration and makes sound indistinct. Listening to the spoken word in an environment with an echo is exhausting.


Improve Acoustics in Modern Interiors

Unbalanced acoustics are not solely an issue of commercial or utility spaces. Acoustics, despite having a major impact on the psychological well-being, are often neglected in modern apartments, ironically to favour practical use. Long reverberation times impair the clarity and intelligibility not only of speech, but of course also of music. They also hinder the ability of hearing for spatial localisation. Modern living spaces usually suffer from a lack of acoustically absorbing materials. They are woefully lacking in minimalist interiors without carpets.


Reverberation time is the main acoustic parameter of an enclosed space. It is relatively easy to measure and should range from 0.2 to 0.5 seconds. An overly dampened room feels oppressive, whereas in a room without any damping there is a noticeable echo; for example the unpleasant reverberation of a clinking spoon. Put simply, the issue is that of accumulation of acoustic energy caused by reflections from solid surfaces of the ceiling, floor, windows and especially the walls.


Reverberation time can be controlled using a variety of soft, acoustically absorbent materials. In addition to specifically developed acoustic materials in the form of panels and diffusers, these include, for example, thick curtains, carpets, upholstered furniture and so on.


Made to Order Products will need a lead time of 1.5months for the stock to be deliver. 
Pricing may varies depending on coating / colors as per request.

DM for More Information : 012.6500.610 Kenix

BESPOKE Hybrid Wooden Diffuser Wavelength Acoustic Panels

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