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Pyramid Absorption Foam

Our BE pyramids absorption foams comes in different variety of colors, density and design. We have Large Pyramid and Small Pyramids. 

Pyramid foam provides long-lasting, high-performance solution from a different performance characteristics than other cuts, with its greater surface area. 

Characteristics of Pyramid Foams 

- Absorption of mid/high frequencies

- Variety of Colors 

- Size 50cm x 50cm x 5cm Small Pyramid

- Size 50cm x 50cm x 8cm Large Pyramid

Wedges & Fractar Diffusion Foam

Our BE Wedges Diffuser foams comes with 2 different variety of colors. Which is Black and Maroon. Wedge foam outperforms and outlasts the competition at affordable pricing. Wedge foam provides outstanding sound absorption and diffusion. 

Characteristics of Wedges & Fractar Diffusion Foams

- Scattered frequencies and create absorption.

- Variety of Colors

- Standardize Size at 

- 50cm x 50cm  x 5cm

BE Polyester Diffuser * Prism / Skyline *

Our BE Diffuser has been designed to offer efficient scattering in situations where available wall depth is limited.  It scatters incident sound uniformly so that the acoustic glare in all directions is minimized. The two dimensional diffuser that is designed to diffuse interfering rear wall reflections and provide a diffuse sound field.

Characteristics of BE Skyline Diffuser

- Scattered and diffuser rear wall reflections.

- Can be spray to your desired color.

- Standardize Size at 

- 59cm x 59cm  x 17.5cm

BE Wooden Diffuser Panel

Our Wooden acoustic Panel promised to deliver the best results for your room. It is help to create a more natural and "alive" room sound for your room. We have a full range of wooden products from diffusion panel / absorption panel / wooden bass traps.

Characteristics of Bass Traps

- Diffusion Treatment for the entire room sound

- Create more natural sound like room.

-  Size 

- 50cm x 50cm x 5cm - 10cm

Bass Traps

Our BE bass traps work in rooms of any size. Low frequency waves are long and difficult to stop, but with corner bass absorbers, it solve the bass problems that collect in the corners of rooms.   They work great as general sound absorbers and in conjunction with other products. 

Characteristics of Bass Traps

- Absorption & Treatment for Bass and Low frequencies.

- Fire Retardant

- Different Size - Large / Small 

- Small Bass Trap 20cm x 20cm  x 50cm

- Large Bass Trap 30cm x 30cm x 50cm

BE Absorptions Foams (variety)

Our BE absorption foams comes in different variety of colors, density and design. Standardize Size of all design is at 50cm x 50cm  x 5cm.

Functionality of all foams are to provide absorption for mid and high frequencies.

Varieties of Design :-

- BE Brick Absorption Foams

- BE Line Foams

- BE Mushroom Absorptions Foams

- BE Flat Absorption Panel

- Monitor Speaker Isolation Pad

- Reflexion Filters & more.

BAT Fiberboard

Our BAT Fiberboard is made of Polyester Fiber Material. It was known as " BA Magic Board ". It can magically improve the vocal and some sound by just one placement. 

The maximum sound absorption coefficient achieves 0.9 or more in the 125 ~ 4000HZ noise range. Adjust the reverberation time according to different needs, clear sound impurity, improve the sound effect, improve the clarity of speech, which has been the preferred sound-absorbing material for the interior decoration.

Material is uniform and solid, flexible, with good wear resistance and impact resistance.

Easy to clean, you can flick with a vacuum cleaner and duster. You can also use a towel to add water and detergent to wipe.

- Good Color Choices

- Different Size - Large / Small 

- 40cm x 122cm x 0.9cm

- 60cm x 122cm x 0.9cm

- Variety Shape.

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