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Hello! Welcome to Begins Acoustic.  Begins Acoustic made up of an experienced Acoustic sound Engineer, designers and contractors and reliable technical support for the best set-up to please your senses and your lifestyle. Our acoustical treatment products includes acoustical absorption panels and foams, acoustic diffuser material, sound barriers, construction materials, isolation platforms and complete room treatment systems. These products are well-accepted through a wide range of building types, including museums, libraries, halls, auditoriums, stadiums, educational facilities, houses of worship and recording studios as well as single and multi-family residences. Environmental and industrial noise assessment subjects have included night clubs, manufacturing businesses, mining operations, hospitals, retail businesses and government agencies. 

Founder &
           Recording Engineer
----------------- Kenix Chua

Kenix pursue her Audio Engineering studies at Ocean Institute Audio Technology, during her studies, she setup her very own home studio and discover that the room should be treated by acoustic foams in order to create a better sound enviroment to complete the mixing. Then, She founded the company Begins Acoustic with the intention of providing cost effective and provide the same quality of acoustic treatment as well known brands in the market that may cost twice as much solution for the AV / HiFi Room / Home Theatre and Home Studio recording industries.


At Begins Acoustic, we have a vision to assist everyone to appreciate sound. 

​We are reachable at - Begins Acoustic ( Kenix 012-6500610 via Whatsapp )

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